Manufacturing of sheet metal dies and mechanical equipment


Dynamism, competence and experience: the winning features of COMEC

Since 1976 COMEC Sheet metal dies designs and manufactures dies for metal sheets cold pressing. As a result of our long experience, we are ideal partners for companies in different manufacturing areas such as automotive, motorcycles, household appliances and urban architecture.
Our objective is to support our customer in each step of our collaboration. Through a detailed study of the manufacturing cycle and using most recent technologies, we are able to optimize the pressing cycle and save costs as well. We support customers for assistance and maintenance to guarantee high manufacturing performance of our dies.

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What we offer to our customers

From the very beginning COMEC applied its resources in the manufacturing of sheet metal dies. Year after year the number of equipments increased, as well as our know-how and expertise.
Continuous evolution allowed us to get specialized in the production of manual dies, deep-drawing dies, progressive dies, equipments. Being metal details difficult to realize using a traditional pressing die, we produce oil pneumatic equipments that meet our customer's needs.