Manufacturing of sheet metal dies and mechanical equipment


What we offer to our customers

From the very beginning COMEC applied its resources in the manufacturing of sheet metal dies. Year after year the number of equipments increased, as well as our know-how and expertise.
Continuous evolution allowed us to get specialized in the production of manual dies, deep-drawing dies, progressive dies, equipments. Being metal details difficult to realize using a traditional pressing die, we produce oil pneumatic equipments that meet our customer's needs.
Below you can read about our services in detail.


A quality product is obtained with a well-designed die

A quality product is the result of a good die design. The technology department is the real added value of our company. Our engineers expertise, developed during years through continuous and dedicated trainings, and the use of most advanced software such as CAD/CAM, gives us the opportunity to identify the best solutions for pressing cycles. The functionality of our products initiates in our technology department through innovative technical approach and using modern and advanced materials.
Close collaborating with our customer, during the co-designing of the metal product, allows us to provide specific indications to minimize both product and equipment costs.
The respect of delivery timelines is guaranteed through careful check of the progressive status of the work. A Break-down structure of the project, according to modern project management techniques, allows us to deliver the dies as per agreed and defined timelines and, moreover, to inform the customer on the progressive status of the project.

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The customer is able to evaluate effectively the final object thanks to the prototypes

The client has an idea of the final product by previously evaluating the prototypes. High qualified staff of COMEC Sheet metal dies can realize test runs in strict timelines. Test runs give the staff and the client the possibility to investigate the details of all manufacturing steps, including the most difficult ones, before running the final manufacturing process. This allows to optimize the pressing cycle, reducing and preventing waste of resources.

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The realization of the dies is quick

The new facility has been built in order to place the equipments in the best way to increase the dies manufacturing capacity. We have top quality manufacturing machines. Wire EDM (Electro Discharge Machining), high speed milling machines, grinding machines and all the other machines needed in an efficient manufacturing facility. A eccentric press of 75 ton is used to test small dies and prototypes. An hydraulic press of 200 ton is used to test medium dimension dies.
Raw materials are harden in a dedicated area by using an oven to hard in protected environment with a oil stalling tank at controlled temperature.
We can realize dies designed by our technical department or by the customer.


The conclusion of the process of realization of our metal dies is the testing

Testing of sheet metal dies we produce is the last step in our manufacturing cycle. Using our pressing machine we test the assembled dies. We evaluate the dimensions of the dies and verify that the manufacturing cycles with our dies proceed without being interrupted.